Saturday, July 26, 2008

Mastering NT Greek

Dr. Ted Hildebrandt, a professor in the Biblical Studies Department at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts has created and made available online an animated tutorial with audio instructions for those who wish to learn New Testament Greek. The tutorial is divided into 28 chapters each covering one of concepts and each chapter contains a number of short engaging videos that make ample use of visuals and provide tips for learning to support learning.

These learning units are well conceived and well presented and are an excellent learning tool!

Also available on Dr. Hildebrandt's Web site are a series of MP3 audio files that can be used on an Ipod or on your computer to help you absorb the vocabulary and concepts learned in the tutorials.

Another useful tool is his Greek Vocabulary Builder, a digital flash card wheel that you can configure to show an English and/or a Greek equivalent. There is an indication that this online program was originally intended to include the possibility of hearing the Greek words by clicking on a "pronounce" button, but this function does not work at the present time. Hopefully it will in the future.

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