Saturday, October 04, 2008

Oremus Bible Browser

The Oremus Bible Browser allows you to access several translations of the bible. The site has search functionality to help you find specific passages by using biblical notations, words or phrases. You can set preference to obtain results with or without verse numbers, chapter headings, footnotes, etc. Once you have found the passage you requested you can select the "Make Quicklink" function to create a hyperlink to the passage with the settings you selected. You can search for several specific passages at once and have all of them appear on a single search result page. You can search the entire Bible, a specific book, or a range of books.


Anonymous said...

Other times when I have used Oremus Bible Browser, it was great. Today, it's just not working.

Bill Williams
A loyal fan

Gilles Côté said...

That seems to have been a temporary thing. It is now back up.

Anonymous said...

sorry folks been tyring to access the Oremus site just go. What's going on?