Saturday, November 15, 2008

Christmas Advent 2008 at goes Live

Advent is soon approaching and resources for Advent 2008 are starting to make their appearance here and there on the net. One of these is a new Web site created by the people who administer I reproduce below an excerpt of the press release that they sent out last week:
Catholic Online at breaks new ground with a highly interactive Christmas Advent site for 2008 on November 3rd. The site features traditional content, contemporary stories and thoughts about Christmas, beautiful graphics, and the Holy Scripture’s story of Christmas, and then breaks with the “traditional” static display to encourage readers to share their stories, prayers, traditions in print or video with the entire Church worldwide audience of

The features allow a person to ask for prayers, share their favorite Christmas memory, send Pope Benedict a Christmas card, and upload their children’s wish list in the tradition of Saint Nicholas. Additionally, a new feature encourages families everywhere to establish a Christmas Tradition that even their grandchildren might one day observe to anchor the “true” meaning of this wonderful holiday.

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