Monday, November 08, 2010

The Religion Teacher’s Guide to Lesson Planning

Blogger Jared Dees has recently published a 63 pages e-book called The Religion Teacher’s Guide to Lesson Planning. He writes:
"This guide provides teachers and catechists with a simple system for lesson planning success. Included in this 63 page e-book are:
  • Unit planning and lesson planning templates
  • Lesson objective keys
  • Assessments for various learning styles
  • An introduction to the Learning PROCESS
  • and 250 activities and teaching strategies!"
 To obtain this useful resource, all that is required is that you subscribe to The Religion Teacher newsletter at (scroll down the page to subscribe).

Mr. Dees intends to develop and share resources built around the concepts within this guide, including sample lesson plans, video tutorials, and expanded discussions in blog posts. Subscribing to the newsletter is therefore an additional blessing for catechists and teachers since they will thus be informed of these future developments.

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