Thursday, December 29, 2011

7 Articles by Bloging Catechists

Blogger and catechist Joe Paprocki celebrated the 5th anniversary of his blog Catechist's Journey ealier this month by publishing guest posts by 7 catechists who, like him, are bloggers. Below are links to the 7 guest posts that appeared on Catechist's Journey. They make for good reading and each article provides links to the author's blog, all of which are well worth exploring. The seven guest posts that appeared on Catechist's Journey are the following:

1. Evaluating Online Resources for the Faithful by Jonathan Sullivan
"The internet is a cornucopia of resources on the faith. There is no shortage of voices talking about what Catholics believe, how to pray, or what to wear to Mass! But with so many resources, how can we know which are trustworthy or not?"
2. Mom, the Catechist by Lisa Hendey
"Being the primary catechist in my children’s lives means more than simply making sure they get to Mass on Sunday. It means helping them to foster an active prayer life, a love of the Eucharist and the sacraments, and a fervent desire to serve the world around them."
3. How Knowing Your Students Can Help Them Know Christ by Marc Cardaronella
"Think about how Jesus dealt with people. He took the time to listen to them. He asked them what they desired. He spoke to their hearts. We can’t have the same insight as God. But it’s important for catechists to get to know their students as much as possible. When you understand what’s going on inside, you can tailor your catechesis to meet their needs."
4. Using Prayer Effectively in Catechesis by Jared Dees
"The most important role for a catechist is to plant seeds. The short time you have with your students is an opportunity to introduce them to a variety of prayer methods and help them integrate prayer into their daily lives."
5.  Fired Up by Lisa Mladinich
"When I teach my workshop for catechists, the thing that lights people up the most is the notion of our supernatural partnership with Christ; the conviction that we’re never alone in the classroom, especially when we are prayerful, and that the work is always His."
6. 10 Ways to Grow As a Catechist by William O’Leary
"Our own growth as catechists is essential in bearing fruit and drawing our students closer to Christ. I recently was reading something St. Bernard said about the need to not merely be a channel of God’s life but a reservoir. A reservoir does not empty out but overflows. It is with this in mind that I would like to share 10 ways to grow and be renewed as a catechist."
 7. Catechesis on Prayer: Learning to Walk on Holy Ground by Gilles Côté
" There is not a moment, not a fold of our existence that he [God] does not fill with his love.  We are always standing on holy ground. Catechesis on prayer aims at making students increasingly aware of this and to teach them how to walk and even run freely on this holy ground where God is waiting to meet them."

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