Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Chritian Coloring Pages on theclipartwizard.com Web Site

theclipartwizard.com Web site offers access to thousands of coloring pages on various themes related to the Bible, sacraments, feast days, saints, angels, and so on:

Bible New Testament: Specific verses - The Birth of John the Baptist Foretold - Annunciation and Visitation - Nativity - Mary Mother of God - Presentation of Jesus at the Temple - Holy Family - John the Baptist - Jesus is Tempted - Marriage at Cana - Beatitudes - Nicodemus - Samaritan Woman - Miracles of Jesus - Fishers of Men Zaccheus - The Apostles - Jesus walks on water - Jesus is the true vine - Jesus and Children Transfiguration of Jesus - Mary and Martha - The Widow's Mite - As I have loved you / Jesus love - Palm Sunday - Holy Thursday - Good Friday - Jesus Carries His Cross - Easter - Doubting Thomas Coloring - Jesus Appears to the Disciples - Ascension of Jesus into Heaven - Pentecost / Holy Spirit - Christ the King - Mysteries of the Rosary

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