Friday, September 09, 2005


The National Catholic Education Association has a national "Child to Child campaign." They are encouraging all Religious Education students and Catholic school students in the U.S. to donate $1 to assist with educating displaced students. Their web site at provides materials about their campaign, hurricane-related aids, and a sample prayer service for victims.

My Friend--The Catholic Magazine for Kids has some prayers and activities ideas up on their website that catechists might be able to use in helping kids cope with Hurricane Katrina.

The website is Under "For Parents and Teachers" you can click on "Helping Kids Cope with Hurricane Katrina." They are taking donations to help us get Bibles and spiritual books (including things for children) to evacuees.

Sr. Kathryn James, fsp of Pauline Books & Media sent the email below:

"In these days after Katrina, emphasis has been rightly placed on collecting donations for the rebuilding of the Gulf Coast Region. Perhaps now, looking closer to home, we can minister to the children we teach--helping them cope with the questions and fears they may have after this national tragedy:

· Will this happen to me?
· Why do bad things happen?
· How do I talk with someone who has lost their home in the hurricane?
· Is there something our family or class can do?
· Why do the poor people get left behind?

We have provided a variety of material for teachers and parents as they seek to reassure and guide their children through the complex issues surrounding Katrina. By placing the following link to resources on your web-site, newsletter, or any other appropriate material, teachers will be better equipped to take advantage of this “teachable” and fragile moment.