Saturday, October 15, 2005

Catholic Blogs

I've been exploring some of the blogs on the Internet lately, especially those with "Catholic" content. I have discovered a few that are well worth visiting.

There is, for example, one called All Things Seen and Unseen. This blog is maintained by Rob Marsh, SJ, a priest belonging to the British Province of the Society of Jesus who is now at the Loyola Hall Jesuit Spirituality Centre in the north of England. He works as part of the retreat team giving various courses, retreats, and spiritual direction.

He has posted on the blog most of the homilies he has preached. I find these refreshing and insightful.

This would obviously not be a resource you would want to use with children. However, as the truism goes, "you can't give what you do not have". As teachers we need to feed ourselves in order to have what it takes to feed others. This blog is good solid "food". If you are interested in sitting down for an appetizer or even a full course meal you might dop in for a visit on this blog.