Sunday, January 22, 2006

Catholic Educators Newsletter - January 2006 Edition

The latest edtion of the Catholic Educators Newsletter, a free service provided as an extension of the Resources for Catholic Educators web site is now available online.

In this Issue: Table of Contents
Sunday Readings Readings, clipart, commentaries and puzzles
General Roman Calendar

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Online Resources:

Social Justice - Web Sites Worth Visiting - Featured in Previous Issues

New/Updated on the Resources for Catholic Educators Web Site New Sections:

Gospel of John - Gospel of Mark: Articles, Commentaries, Homelies, Clipart, Coloring Pages, Puzzles, Children's Stories — Both of these are in their initial stages with 4 chapters completed in John and only one in Mark. They will expand in time and, hopefully be completed by the end of 2006.

Martin Luther King Jr. - Online resources

C.S. Lewis Resources

The following sections have been updated:

The Latest Scoop: latest edition

Parables: commentaries, homelies, background information clipart and coloring pages - This section has been greatly expanded since last November. The hundreds of resources I have found for this section include commentaries, homilies, articles by Bible scholars, meditations, puzzles, coloring pages, clipart, activities and plays for children, worksheets, etc.

See our "What's New" page for a listing all the new resources added on the Resources for Catholic educators Web site in June, July and August

Articles Articles available online from various sources.
In Review

GrapeVine Online - The Magazine About Catholic Performing Artists

Worship & Sing! - singer Chuck Stevens.

And more: A Time to Smile - Previous Issue - Archives

Who am I? Mission statement.

The who and why behind this newsletter.
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