Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lenten Retreat Online

Fr. Peter Scally, SJ, at Jesuit Media Initiatives in London is running a trial for the whole of Lent this year of a new project called pray-as-you-go.

The idea is to provide daily prayer in the MP3 audio format for the many people who travel to and from work every day on bus, train, tube or subway - using music and scripture to guide them through a ten minute prayer session every day. It is downloadable for free from the internet, so that you can take it with you on your player, and pray on your way to work, or on your way home, or whenever you like!

This is offered on the Sacred Space web site that also features a Retreat for Lent 2006.

Another source of meditation and prayer online during Lent is the St. Elizabeth Parish (Melville, NY) Lenten Reflection page.

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