Sunday, March 19, 2006

The 1,000 Years of Peace Project

Invite your students to pledge some hours to build peace. This page on the Web site offers your students some simple concrete suggestions as to how they can build peace around them and provides an online form to pledge a certain number of hours towards that goal. This is a simple activity that is certainly appropriate for the Lenten period and requires little time to set up and it provides all kinds of opportunities to discuss peace and social justice issues during Lent.

The pledge counter on the page indicates that an impressive 1,752,884 hours have been pledged as of today - that amounts to over 200 years! This project was started in 2000 and you can read the story behind it on the web site.
This Web site was created in 2000 to gain “time pledges” of everyday peacemaking activities adding up to 1,000 years of peace—about 8.5 million hours. Our belief is that peace is built hour-by-hour, day-by-day. Your pledges of peacemaking activities—prayer, acts of charity, forgiveness, personal transformation, outreach—will help heal our nation and our world.

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