Saturday, June 10, 2006

Over this violence thing...Resources for peace

The National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) Website, a fifteen member organisation that includes the Catholic Church, has a large section of excellent resouces called Over this violence thing...Resources for peace. While some of the resources refer to specific issues in Australia, most of them can be used in any context with little or no modifications required. Below is the table of contents :


Prayer: We pray for peace
Litany: 'I was hungry and you gave me food'
Prayer service: 'Runaway train" A prayer for the lost and broken
Prayer Service: Bless our lives
Prayer Service: In praise of hands
The Uniting Church Assembly Mission Prayer Handbook

Bible Study Resources

Bible Study - Session 1: Violence and Vinyards
Bible Study - Session 2: The Face of Love
Bible Study - Session 3: The Paradox of Hope
Brief Concordance: Peace in the NRSV
Brief Concordance: Violence in the NRSV
Pledge for Peace


Canticle of the Sun: Francis of Assisi, 1225
Quotes from Catholic statements on violence
John Paul II, 1979 Puebla Homily
Quotes on war


Wall St Game
World Trade Game

Active non-violence

Living non-violently in a violent culture
The principles of non-violence
Mediation and mediators for schools
Suggestions for Campus Ministers
Suggestions for youth in schools and parish
Living peacefully - discussion topics

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