Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Thank you Father

Thank you Father is maintained by a group of Catholics, based in Louisville, KY, who want to show their appreciation to the decent and ethical priests who serve us. They just want to say thanks to those men of God who have truly committed their lives to serving Christ by faithfully ministering to the people of the Catholic faith. The introduction to the site reads as follows:

You can help, and it’s simple. Click here to tell us a special story about your favorite priest and what makes him special to you. If you prefer, just leave a message of encouragement to all priests.

You may provide your name or you may remain anonymous. You may list a specific priest’s name, or you may wish to leave an overall comment about the priests who have served us over the years. It's your choice.

We’ll post portions of many of the responses on this site to encourage priests in their vital ministry.

NOTE: While this is a nice way to encourage priests, the BEST way to thank your priest is to tell him in person or send him a note. Take the time to do so today!

This is a refreshing project!

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