Saturday, September 09, 2006

Jesus: A Historical Portrait

St. Anthony Messenger is offering a new series of four-pages pamphlets called Jesus: A Historical Portrait. These are written by renowned scripture scholar Daniel J. Harrington, S.J. Three articles have so far been published and are available online on the web site:

The Truth About Jesus and Women
Lord, Teach Us to Pray
Miracles: Signs of God’s Presence

Titles to be published in upcoming months:

October 2006: Rendering to Caesar—and to God
November 2006: The Death of Jesus: Then and Now
December 2006: The Resurrection: High Point of History

The brief introduction to the series reads as follows:
At a time when so many different ideas about Jesus are being circulated, what more authentic source for learning about him than the Gospels? And what better way of studying the New Testament than with an expert who has spent his life pondering and teaching it?

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