Sunday, October 29, 2006

RESOUND! The On-Line Catechetical Resource

The home page of the Web site of the Office of the Religious Education of the Diocese of Salt Lake City has the following as an introductory statement:
This website was set up to assist catechists by providing a place to find resources that work in the religious education classroom. Besides certification information, DRE materials, and classroom tools, we offer some fun ways of bringing the Word of God to your students.

There are literally thousands of pages of information to help the catechist or DRE from adult formation to stress management.

One document, I found interesting and worth reading is called Catechesis and Faith Development Book.

The stated objectives of the booklet are the following:
  • 1. Discuss the classic catechetical techniques
  • 2. Review a model of faith development
  • 3. “Imagine” the catechetical techniques that lead one “ grow, and persevere in the until the end (Catechism of Catholic Church, 162).”
For more resources on catechesis:

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