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Catholic Educators Newsletter - December 2006

The December edition of the Catholic Educators Newsletter is now available online. Below is the table of contents of the Newsletter:

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In this Issue: Table of Contents

Sunday Readings Readings, clipart, commentaries and puzzles
General Roman Calendar

December - January - February

Online Resources:

Resources for Advent 2006 - Web Sites Worth Visiting - Featured in Previous Issues

New/Updated on the Resources for Catholic Educators Web Site


Creation of a sister site to Resources for Catholic Educators. This site is called and provides access to the same type of resources as does Resources for Catholic Educators, is presented as a directory for easy access to the resurces. New materail has been created specifically for this web site. See for example:

Canadian Catholic Liturgical Calendar with hyperlinks to Sunday and weekday readings.

Catechesis for Persons with Developmental Disabilities - Resources

Gospel of Mark - Chapter 10: Articles, Commentaries, Homilies, Clipart, Coloring Pages, Puzzles, Children's Stories

The following sections have been updated:

The Latest Scoop: latest edition

Father Lonsdale Commentaries and Clipart for Year B - Several pages have been added.

Crossword puzzle - A number of additions

See our "What's New" page for a listing all the new resources added on the Resources for Catholic educators Web site in June, July, August and September.

Articles Articles available online from various sources.
In Review

The Father Calls Your Name — Songs by Catholic artist Pat Bickert

Sheila Hamil — Christian singer/songwriter

And more: A Time to Smile - Previous Issue - Archives

Who am I? Mission statement.

The who and why behind this newsletter.
Contributions to the Catholic Educators News Submitting articles, lesson plans, reviews, information... - Advertising / sponsoring
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