Saturday, November 18, 2006

Catholic Social Teaching Resources

I was recently invited to take a look at I was quite impressed with the amount and quality of the resources available on this Web site. The press release I include below gives a good description of what it offers.

A small donation is normally requested to access most of the material on the site, but upon request by email (see details in the press release), you can obtain a 30 free trial period. I highly recommend that you take advantage of this offer. It is well worth the small effort required.


Educational Website Offers Catholic Social Teaching Resources

Education for Justice (EfJ) is an online Catholic Social Teaching resource library with thousands of pages of resources on more than 50 justice topics, such as poverty, peace, environmental issues, and current events. All resources are based on Catholic social thought and the statements of the Vatican and the U.S. bishops on current issues are utilized in all materials.

The member-based website, which requests a small donation for use of the site, is offering 30 days free for new member who would like to try the website out. They can sign up simply by emailing

Catholic school teachers, religious educators, parishes, colleges, and individuals can access articles, reflection/discussion guides, fact sheets, bulletin inserts, personal prayer experiences, interactive activities for groups, lectionary reflections, and more at .

The Catholic News Service recently posted the following article about EfJ in its News Briefs on April 3, 2006:

Web site applies Catholic social teaching to contemporary issues

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Those who wonder what the church has to say about issues frequently in the news can get answers by searching through a lot of church documents or they can go to a Web site that does it for them. The Web site,, lists more than 50 topics from terrorism, refugees and the situation in Iraq to corporate responsibility, HIV/AIDS, globalization and the environment. Web users can click on a specific aspect of Catholic social teaching -- just-war principles, human dignity, option for the poor, rights and responsibilities or care for creation -- to link the current news items to a specific church response. The site is the work of the Education for Justice Project, an outreach of the Center of Concern, a Washington-based social justice think tank. Catholic social teaching links on the Web site provide papal documents and bishops' statements
on current issues as well as prayers and questions for discussion.

All Catholics should know about this superb website, which has helped thousands of Catholics become knowledgeable about Catholic Social Teaching, an important but often neglected aspect of the Catholic faith.

For more resources on Catholic social justice teachings:

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