Monday, December 18, 2006

Godzdogz Blog

The blog described below and found at was launched at the beginning of this month. I find it to be an exciting and rich new resource. This is certainly partly because my studies in philosophy and theology at a Dominican college have given me an awareness and appreciation of the rich tradition handed down by the Dominicans. It is also because the blog, even after so short a lifespan, is already rich in beautiful images, Gregorian chant sound files, solid commentaries on daily scriptures, inspiring meditations... I highly recommend you take time to explore this blog!

'Godzdogz' is an internet-based project of the student-brothers of the English Dominican Province. On this site you will find four main sections which are based upon the main features of Dominican life:

1) Preaching: As brothers (friars) of the Order of Preachers, this is why we exist! From the earliest days of the Order, we preached the truth of Jesus Christ to the world, bringing the light of faith in Him, to all who seek truth and long for God.
This section will contain preaching by the students and other Dominican friars in written and audio-visual media.
2) Prayer: The Dominican life considers preaching as handing on the fruit of our contemplation. Prayer and contemplation, particularly in the solemn celebration of the Liturgy, is a focal point in the day of a Dominican friar.
This section will offer prayerful reflections and writings on Dominican spirituality.
3) Study: Assiduous attention to the Word of God, by which we are enabled to preach Christ and through which we contemplate Him, is a vital part of the Dominican life.
This section will have articles related to our study, as well as give you a chance to ask questions of our friars, in a virtual 'Quodlibeta'!
4) Community: We live in priories - there are seven such houses of Dominican friars in Britain. Community life is the rich soil in which all the above take place; it helps to keep our feet on the ground and inspires us to be brothers to one another. Together, we praise, bless and preach Jesus Christ.
This section will share with you events, news and photos of the Studentate.

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