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Catholic Educators Newsletter - March 2007 Edition

The March edition of the Catholic Educators Newsletter is now available online. Here is the table of contents with hyperlinks:

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In this Issue: Table of Contents

Sunday Readings Readings, clipart, commentaries and puzzles
General Roman Calendar

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Online Resources:

Resources for Lent and Easter - Resources for RCIA - Catholic Social Justice Teaching - Web Sites Worth Visiting - Featured in Previous Issues

New/Updated on the Resources for Catholic Educators Web Site

New on

Father, forgive them for they know not what they do: Reflection and meditation in words, songs and art on forgiving.

21 Chromolithographs (first method for making true multi-color prints), reproductions of painting originally found in the Church of Saint Ursula in Cologne, Germany. These reproductions were scanned from the 1861 edition of La légende de sainte Ursule, princesse britannique et de ses onze mille vierges.

Articles Articles available online from various sources.
In Review

Father Richard Ho Lung: Music and Mission on Google Videos

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The who and why behind this newsletter.
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