Sunday, March 18, 2007

Stations of the Cross

I have added a new section on the Resources for Catholic Educators Web site: Way of the Cross, a sitographie of stations of the cross available online. These are organised under the following headings:

Artistitic Rendering ~ Audiovisual ~ Children and Youth ~ Meditations ~ Justice and Peace ~ Scriptural ~ General

There are close to 50 resources listed on this page. Here is a sampling:

Stations of the Cross: Artistic Rendering

Short Way of the Cross - This short Way of the Cross is used by the Franciscan Fathers on their Missions. This feature is illustrated by Ken Cooke. On the Holy Spirit Interactive Web site.

Praying the Stations of the Cross, Charcoal illustrations by Duk Soon - on the Web site of the Congregation of the Passion

Stations of the Cross: for Children and Youth

Stations of the Cross Coloring Book - (PDF)

Stations of the Cross: Meditations by Saints and Popes

The Way of the Cross with St Paul of the Cross

Stations of the Cross: Audiovisual

The Way of the Cross: Audiovisual meditation on Jesus' Passion

Stations of the Cross: Social Justice and Peace

A Way of the Cross in a Time of Conflict, Wellspring

Stations of the Cross: Scriptural

A Scriptural Way of the Cross, by Patti Normile - Youth Update

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