Monday, July 02, 2007

Photos for faith education

The AREF (Association des Responsables de l'Éducation de la Foi en milieu scolaire catholique franco-ontarien) offers an online bank of photos that can be used for non-commercial projects and presentations related to faith education. The photos are organised by key words to facilitate locating what you are looking for. These keywords are in French, but you can easily make out the meanings of most of these. For words you cannot make out, click here for a translation of the site generated by Babel Fish.There are close to 300 images at this time and new images are added on a regular basis.

The AREF Web site is also worth exploring in French or in English (translation generated by Babel Fish). It contains lesson plans and excellent background information for catechists. Look under Enseignement religieux ("Religious Teaching") .

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