Monday, January 14, 2008

A Handshake from Heaven is a beautifully illustrated book written by Carol S. Bannon, a full time writer with a degree in elementary education.

I found sections of the text moving. The publishers' Web site describes it as follows:

"In this beautifully illustrated book, show a child how the Eucharist allows them to hold God’s hand. Teach them that receiving Communion strengthens their relationship with God and through this sacrament He opens the door to Heaven. Adults and children will find their love of the Eucharist deepening as they read this book."

I agree with this description. I would, however, have liked the text to touch a bit more on the horizontal dimension of the Eucharist: this sacrament no doubt unites us more and more with God - this is the vertical dimension - but it also opens us to a deeper communion with our brothers and sisters and makes us grow in love for them, especially those most in need of our love. This communal aspect of the Eucharist is not as developed in the text as I would have hoped.

Nonetheless, the book is a wonderful resource.

For other resources: Eucharist - Resources for Catholic Educators

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