Sunday, January 27, 2008

Stories to Introduce the Sacraments

John Shea, a master storyteller, has written a number of articles on various sacraments in anecdotal form. These are engaging and I can easily see them being used in RCIA as a springboard to introduce specific sacraments. Below is a list of these articles published in U.S. Magazine:

Baptism: how to make a graceful entrance

Mercy Me, How to Crack Open a Hardened Heart - The sacrament of Reconciliation offers us a chance to accept God's mercy into our hearts.

Marriage: Celebrate the courage of love - The wedding day is just the first step and only a small part of the courageous act of marriage.

Broken bread makes us whole - Whatever else the Mass does, more often than not it awakens in us a hunger for love.

Rest assured: The Anointing of the Sick - The Sacrament of Anointing offers a powerful moment of grace in which we can experience and express our love for each other and are assured of God's love for us.

For other resources on the sacraments:

General Resources and Articles ~ Baptism ~ Confirmation ~ Eucharist
Marriage ~ Ordination ~ Reconciliation ~ Anointing of the sick
Church Documents - Sacraments Clipart
Bibliographies for Studies of Sacraments & Liturgy

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