Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Web site Catholic Men's Podcasts offers weekly audio reflections on the Sunday Mass readings. The home page of the site contains a brief biographical note on each of the three podcasters who take turns giving these reflections. The note on one of these men, Deacon Alex Jones, reads as follows:

Deacon Alex Jones was once a Pentecostal minister in Detroit. In seeking to give his flock the most genuine experience of the early Church prayer and worship services, he carefully read Scripture, the Fathers of the Church and writings of the early saints. The more he read, the more Alex came to the startling conclusion that the present day Catholic Church - and the Holy Mass - is the same exact "worship service" from the very early Church. Alex began to share his findings with his parish, and eventually Alex, and most of his parish, joined the Catholic Church. Today he preaches with his usual passion about Christ - as a Catholic deacon. For more information you can view his web site at

I followed the link at the end of this biographical note and discovered a short documentary video on the Web site that relates the story of the conversion of Deacon Jones. This video was produced in 2001, shortly after he and part of his congregation decided to join the Catholic Church. I found the documentary both fascinating and inspiring. This video and an article written by Deacon Jones about his conversion story could be useful in the context of the RCIA.

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