Monday, March 10, 2008

Prayerscape - Short Worship Films

The Prayerscape Web site was produced by a UK Christian Church called the Revelation Church. I know little of this church, but I was impressed by the quality of the music videos that the site contains. The lyrics, music and visual presentation are meant to be appealing to older teens and young adults. Three short films are available for viewing:

Feel My Heartbeat Feel my Heartbeat - the way of love 1 Cor 13 - full movie (8.25mins).

Of the three films, this one is particularly appealing and impressive to me. The lyrics are based on the text of Paul and, while respecting the meaning of the scriptural version, offer a contemporary interpretation rather than an exact literal rendering.

the passion The Passion - Matt 27:27-54 and Hebs 12:2-3 - preview only (40secs)
The Lords Prayer The Lord's Prayer - A multilingual reading - full movie (5.15mins)
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