Saturday, September 27, 2008

Last of the Clipart Web Sites

In the last few weeks I have posted information on a number of Spanish Language Web sites providing clipart that is useful for Catholic faith education. See the following posts:

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Today I make one last post in this series on three foreign language Web sites (and one in English!) that are sources of clipart.

Reflejos de Luz's Public Gallery Albums: this is a collection of photo albums posted by someone on Picassa Web Albums, a service provided by Google. Some of these albums contain images (mostly in color) with specifically religous themes : Bible - The Cross and Easter - Crosses - Faces of Jesus - Missionaries - Mary - Nativity - Prayer - Peace and Solidarity - Symbols - Vocations - Resurrection - Scripture Cards (in Spanish and English).

Oración - This page features various a handful of images depicting children or adults praying. Some of these images can also be used as coloring pages.

Immagini - QUMRAN NET: This is an Italian Web site with a large collection of clipart. Again not all categories are specifically religious in nature. Those that are are listed under the following headings: Cerezo: Year A - Cerezo: Year B - Cerezo: Year C - Bible - Church - Don Bosco - Eucharist - Holidays (Mostly Christmas) - Comic Strips - Jesus - Jesus of Nazareth (photos from the film) - Jesus of Nazareth 2 - Jesus of Nazareth 3 - Icons - Mary - Mission - Nativity - Peace - Easter - People - Prayer - Rosary - Sacraments - Saints and Witnesses - Symbols - Marriage - Gospels - Miscellaneous - Way of the Cross. Free Clipart Collection - This Web site is in English and contains hundreds of public domain images taken form late 19th early 20th century Bibles, Bible cards and books. The image above is from this collection.

For more Christian clipart resources:

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