Sunday, September 21, 2008

Prayer Ideas

Echoing the Word is an Australian magazine published by the Daughters of Saint Paul that focuses on religious education and faith formation. The magazine Web site allows you to sample one past issue and the current issue page outlines the content of the hard copy edition but also gives access to one of the issue's article and the editorial. In addition to these, the site has two sections with useful resources:

The "Teacher's Basket", a place where catechists and teachers can share resources. Among other things, this section contains a handful of printable documents with prayer reflections on the following themes:

"Every person needs more love than he or she deserves."; A prayer reflection for personal, group or staff prayer! ; God's Love is Forever; "Be perfect..."; and a interactive poem based on Acts 3:1-10 in which children are asked to join in with comments...

The "Prayer Ideas" page contains a suggestion for a prayer session focusing on the Absolute Mystery of God:
Theology in the Christian Tradition affirms the absolute mystery of God. The human mind can grasp ideas and images about God but will never know the fullness of the mystery that is God. St Augustine in his writing explored the depths of the mystery that is God. In this prayer you are invited to contemplate on this mystery and at the same time reflect upon the ideas and images of God that we meet in everyday life.

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