Thursday, September 18, 2008

Quotes: Catholic Education

The Web site of the Institute for Catholic Educational Leadership, University of San Francisco, School of Education, has a large database of quotations on Catholic Educations.
Collectively, the quotations in this section represent the essence of Catholic teacher identity. They may be useful for general information regarding the content of the Church documents on education. In addition, they may serve as reflective pieces for teachers at faculty meetings, incorporated into paraliturgical services, inserted into newsletters to educate parents, and used as the basis for constructing a Catholic school's philosophy statement.
The database content can be divided into the following themes:

Catholic Education
Lifelong Learning
Educating the Whole Child
Social Development
Human Sexuality
Christian Message, Community, Worship, and Service
Relationships with Students
Spirtitual Formation and Transformation
Christian Service
Teacher's Call to Remain Professionally Updated
Importance of Catholic Education
Teaching as Vocation
Collaborating with Colleagues
Religious Truths, Values, and Cultures
Educating to Peace and Justice
Teacher as Model of Christian Values
Spiritual Formation of Teachers
Teacher Self-Assessment
Dignity of the Student
Cultural Diversity
Community Building
Collaborating with Parents
Collaborating with the Outside Community
Shared Vision

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