Thursday, October 30, 2008

Catholic School RE Newsletters

I came across two monthly newsletters produced by Louis Kostler, Religious Education coordinator for Living Waters Catholic Schools in Alberta, Canada. Both of these contain much that is useful to catechists and parents of Catholic children.

Nurturing Faith at Home, a newsletter sent to parent, was published from September 2003 to April 2007. The newsletters contained suggestions to help parents nourish the faith of their children at home. Each newsletter focused on a specific theme. I mention a few of those themes here and will let you visit the Web page containing the archive of all newsletter to discover the others:

The Sower: Teaching as Jesus Did is intended for teachers of Catholic schools and has been published 10 times a year since September 2004 and contains a variety of useful resources: short thematic vocabulary quizzes on subjects related to the Catholic faith; articles on Catholic beliefs, feast days and saints; suggestions of resources for religion teachers; humor; prayers for various occasions; tips for teachers on how to teach religion... All of the newsletters published thus far are available in the archive and are well worth exploring.

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