Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Because of love, I serve

I found the following song on archive.org. The author did not identify himself beyond this introductory statement: "Religious Hymn I composed during my ordination which is a result of my retreat, prayer and reflection to my vocation as a missionary priest."

The lyrics of the song, as far as I could make out, are the following. Very beautiful words and the music is good also:

I've been called forever by my name
I've been touched forever by your love
I have given the joy to serve you Lord
to serve and love you more forever in my life

Because of love I serve to follow you my Lord
to the world without a home
to the world without your love
Because I love, I serve to love and serve you Lord
to the mission to the world to build a family of love

We've been called to bring trust and forgiveness
in this world of life work together hand in hand
to live the truth, to protect and shout the right of the poor
to proclaim and live your word forever in my life


Help me Lord to be instrument of peace
teach me Lord to share this peace to everyone
to forgive, to rejoice and be the builder of unity
to the Calvary of love, let resurrection be my strength


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