Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Catechesis on Families

Preparatory Catechesis for the VI World Encounter of Families

This web page outlines the content of 10 catechesis on the family in preparation for the upcoming Word Encounter of Families to be held from January 16th to18th in Mexico. Of particular interest is the sections entitled “Reading the Teachings of the Church” in each catechesis. These provide a brief summary of Church teachings on the topics dealt with in the catechesis.

The topics of the catechesis are as follows:

1. The family, first educator of faith
2. The family, educator of the truth of man: marriage and family
3. The family, educator of dignity and respect for all human person
4. The family, transmitter of human virtues and values
5. The family, open to God and fellow men
6. The family, former of the strict moral conscience
7. The family, first experience of Church
8. Collaborators of the family: parish and school
9. The family and the model of the family of Nazareth
10. The family, recipient and agent of the new evangelization

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The info you posted on the VI World Encounter of Families (preparatory catechesis) is great.
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