Saturday, January 31, 2009

Songs of Catholicism for Kids

The Dogma Dogs

The Dogma Dogs is the creation of Amy Lewkowicz, who holds masters degrees in both theology and liturgical music. The write up on the Web site states that her music is "just plain fun." I most definitely agree, but it is also good "theology" in small bites for children.

Amy has kindly sent me sample lyrics to two of her songs from the CD Songs of Catholicism for Kids. Here are sample lyrics from the song she has simply called "Lent":

From Ash Wednesday til Evening Mass
on Holy Thursday, use a magnifying glass
Inspect your life: do you see some sin?
Well, let the alms and the penance begin!

Lent, Lent, time to repent
Because it's Lent, Lent
Our wills, they get bent
By what we've done and failed to do
But ask for mercy: He'll give it to you.

Other sample lyrics, from "The Liturgy Song":

The Old Testament (just the best of it)
Then we hear some psalmody
Now a letter from Paul (or someone else)
Alleluia, outside of Lent

Now we hear the Gospel
Standing with respect
We sit for the homily:
The priest makes it all connect

When his talk is done, then we stand as one
And profess the Nicene Creed
Then we ask the Lord, would you hear our prayer?
We, the faithful, intercede.

The 11 songs on the CD explore a variety of musical styles. These are engaging and crafted in such a way that children can easily join in the singing... and the great fun. You can listen to short excerpts of all the songs on the CD, Songs for Catholic Kids on the Web site at

A new CD is also in the planning stages and should be launched in the near future with the title The Dogma Days of Summer.

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