Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All for Jesus WebCast - Playlist for Feb.12-28

All for Jesus WebCast  - Playlist for Feb.12-28
1. Somewhere on a Cross - Apostolica
2. For Me - Karl Kohlhase
3. Calvary - Sean Clive
4. Spending Time Adoring You - Margo B. Smith
5. Come to the Cross - Dan Duet
6. Carry On - Bernie Antkowiak
7. Jesus Bread of Life - David Patrick Bryan
8. Child of My God - Rise
9. Stand up and Be Joyful - Susan Bailey
10.When He Calls - Gerard Faucheux
11. Ave Maria - Apostolica
12. Believe in Me - Deacon Jim Panchaud
13. Hiding Place - Karl Kohlhase
14. Beyond Me - Sean Clive
15. Transform Us - Dan Duet
16. Simon, Son of John - Susan Bailey
17. Exhortation - Deacon Chuck Stevens
18. If We Choose to Love - Margo B. Smith
19. The Old Lighthouse -David Patrick Bryan
20. Renew Your Love of the Lord - Apostolica


CFS said...

hey, great site! i'm just concerned... are all these artists catholic? i know there's a huge market out there for christian rock; i worry that some artists sing/proclaim things that are inconsistent with what the church teaches.

Gilles Côté said...

I have not checked the "credentials" of each individual artist. However, Deacon Chuck Stevens, the one who owns and maintains this Web site, is a Catholic deacon and singer as well. I have also been listening (with great pleasure I might add) to his webcasts for several months now and I have never heard anything in the songs he selects and offers on his webcasts that would justify the concern you express.

CFS said...

M. Cote: much thanks. we do have a wide collection in our store, i'm just worried some kid is going to purchase a CD and then it says all the wrong things. i believe i may just have to listen to them all, eh?

Deacon Chuck Stevens said...

hi there; I have encountered all of the artists whose music is contributed to the 'webcast' either personally or through associations like TopCatholic songs. If there was ever anything in their music that was contrary to Church teaching, I would pull it from the playlist myself. These are all devout Catholics: some are clergy, some are converts, and some are 'cradle Catholics'. Hope that helps