Saturday, February 06, 2010

St. Valentine’s Day Feature has a number of articles on its Saint Valentine's day page:
Four lesson plans on the Resources for Catholic Educators Web site could also be useful for St. Valentine's Day:
  • Love Mirror : Students will be invited to reflect on 1 Corinthian 13; 3-7 and to use this text as a "mirror" to examine the quality of their love for others. 
  • Love Letters: Experience the love of God in the love of one's parents and through scriptures.
  • Counterfeit love: The students will reflect on the difference between love and infatuation.
  • Let me Count the Ways: The student will make a list of possible loving actions and implement a few of them.
A poster version of the image on the right above is also availalble on the Resources for Catholic Educators Web site: Scripture Poster

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