Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How to Pray with the Bible Press has recently published a new edition of a book by Page McKean Zyromski: How to Pray with the Bible. Mrs McKean Zyromski obviously personally delights in reading and praying the Bible and that delight is contagious. She is a seasoned teacher having taught Scripture classes with adults and children for over 30 years. As with all masterful teachers, she manages to communicate her knowledge and wisdom in very concrete ways, effectively connecting Bible passages to everyday life, and providing practical means for readers to enter into the experience of "Praying with the Bible". Although the book is intended for an adult audience, teachers and catechists will find much in this little book that they can easily adapt and use with their students.

Page McKean Zyromski has published six books and is a former contributor to Catechist.

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