Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Blog: Catechesis in the third Millenium

Catechesis in the Third Millenium is the blog of William O’Leary, Director of Religious Education at Church of the Ascension in Overland Park, KS. This blog is "designed to share insights and ideas for carrying out the work of catechesis in a Catholic parish" and it features a number of useful articles in each of the following categories:
  • Advent
  • Catechetical textbooks
  • Catechists
  • Challenges of teaching the Faith
  • Classroom
  • DRE Challenges
  • Family Ideas
  • Lent
  • Liturgical Seasons
  • Media/Technology
  • Methodology
  • Parents
  • Quote of the Week
  • Resources for Catechists
  • Sacramental Preparation
  • Saints
  • Teaching Tip
  • The Mass

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