Sunday, September 25, 2011

Franciscan Clipart and Art

This is my third article on the Web site of the Secular Franciscan Order. Previous articles were posted in August 2009 and September 2010 and dealt with the wonderful collection of public domain clipart that the site contains. With the feast day of Saint Francis coming up soon (October 4th) it is appropriate to revisit this wonderful web site. Every time I do so, I discover new resources there. This time I found a beautiful set of 50 watercolors on the life of Saint Francis - below are a few examples:


Possible activity with these: Students could read about saint Francis and write their own story using these images to illustrate it. Or you could have high school students write and illustrate the story so that they could then read it to K-3 children. They might even want to use one of the many presentation tools available online (such as Prezzi) to do this.

Also on the same Web site is an Index to Cathedral Basilicas by Nations that includes photos of cathedral basilicas in 30 countries. This is an ongoing project and we can expect to find more photos there in the future. 

There is also an article on The World's Great Catholic Churches that describes dozens of churches and provides numerous photos as well.

There is much more on this content-rich Web site that you will, I am sure, want to spend time exploring.

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