Thursday, November 03, 2011

Catholic Liturgies Throughout the School Year!

Catholic Liturgies Throughout the School Year! - This website is a resource for teachers looking for classroom and schoolwide liturgy ideas. It is a collection of liturgies created by the staff and students of St. George School. There are nine liturgies available.

Each Liturgy has Four Sections
  1. Introduction - this tells what grade the liturgy was created for and a brief description of the liturgy.
  2. Preparation - tells you about the things you need to do with your class prior to the celebration. Art activities, background teaching, and general planning is included.
  3. Setup - this section mainly describes the setup of the location in which the liturgy is to be held. Materials may also be included here.
  4. Celebration - this is the actual script of the liturgy. It describes in detail the order and events of the liturgy .

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