Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sadlier: Year of Faith

Free resources offered by
Sadlier joins you as the whole Church celebrates

The Year of Faith

Throughout the year we will offer resources (see  to help you embrace the Year of Faith and share it with children, youth and their families, your colleagues, and your parish community. A correlation chart shows you how the Year of Faith themes from Pope Benedict are woven throughout Sadlier’s We Believe with Project Disciple, K-8catechetical program and other Sadlier print and online materials.
  • Participate in our webinars presented by experts across the country.
  • Share ready-to-use-downloads from Sadlier Consultant Kathy Hendricks.
  • Enjoy inspirational moments with New Jersey Pastor Father Peter Wehrle.
  • Host a special Year of Faith Gather In My Nameintergenerational event for your whole parish community.
Our prayer is that this Year of Faith will be rich in blessings for you, your family, and the people you serve!
The Sadlier Family

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