Thursday, January 26, 2006

Journey to Personal and Social Transformation - January 31

A rare opportunity to join Jean Vanier and Balfour Mount in a live conversation.

Jean Vanier is the Founder of L'Arche Communities throughout the world and Balfour Mount the founder of the Canadian hospice movement.

I highly recommend your taking advantage of this event if you have the time to do so. If you are in the Ottawa area, you can go to a number of local churches to view a simulcast and dialogue with others. If you cannot attend the simulcast, you can access the live webcast from anywhere in the world. You need to register ahead of time at :

The following is from the introduction to the forum provided on the forum web site:

What are your hopes, for yourself, and for our society? Many people today are beset by fear - of "the other," of the future, of illness or attack or loneliness. Can we learn new ways of thinking and living?

Drs. Vanier and Mount, two highly credible Canadian leaders, have a vision of a world where everyone belongs. Their keen intellects are matched by their profoundly humble, life-long commitment to those who are most vulnerable and to the building of a more inclusive and compassionate society. Each can help us in our journey to wholeness and transformation.

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Anonymous said...

Dr.Balfour Mount name an author in is presentation I think is name is John Cabot Sinn,I would like to read is books, but,I cannot find him.Could you confirm the name and the book Dr.Mount mentionned in is dialogue with J.Vanier.