Monday, January 30, 2006

Nurturing Our Children's Faith

The Catechetics Commission of the Irish Bishops' Conference has just published a Pastoral Message with the title Nurturing Our Children's Faith. The introduction states:
The pastoral focuses on those people and agencies
that play a key role in nurturing the faith of
children. Emphasis is placed on the witness of
love in the family as an irreplaceable foundation
out of which a child’s faith can grow and be nourished.
There is also a resource section that includes a Summary of Pastoral Letter|Liturgical Pack for Parishes | Resources for Schools| Resources for the Home|Notice for Parish Newsletters|Poster | Quotations

Although the Pastoral Letter and resources focus on the situtation in Ireland, they can be helpful to those interested in faith formation of children in other countries.

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Brendan O'Reilly said...

The site of the Irish Bishops' Catechetical Office has provided materials in order to engage homes, schools and parishes in the task of nurturing children's faith. This is an holistic approach to telling the "Good News". Let us hope that it will bear fruit. Well done!