Thursday, September 13, 2007

Taste and See: Catechesis as Food for the Journey

Taste and See: Catechesis as Food for the Journey is the catechetical guidelines for the Diocese of Greensburg, PA. There is a wealth of excellent information and resources in this document that can be used by all pastors, DREs and catechists. Among theses, I find the following sections particularly well done or useful :

Faith Development - This section discusses how catechesis relates to the learning styles, the concerns, the developmental characteristics, the social and cultural environments of a person. It also describes faith development at various stages of a person's life and draws implications as to what methods, activities, forms of assessment are appropriate to each stage.

Catechetical Models - descriptions of catechetical models providing a basis for selecting and adapting approaches to catechesis in a parish or regional cluster.

Topics and Texts:
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