Saturday, March 15, 2008

RCIA Resources - Part III

Below are various Web sites containing useful information and resources on RCIA:

Office of the Catechumenate—RCIA

This website is to provide information for catechists, RCIA Coordinators, priests, pastors, musicians and those who desire to be part of the Catholic Faith.

Catholic Classes

Catholic Classes is an exploration of our relationship with God, our language, and our community. It is meant to be a dialogue, not a lecture. It is focused in two areas of parish life - the Catechumenate and adult continuing education. It is produced by a team of lay people using scripture, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Catholic liturgical prayer, music, references for in-depth reading, and questions for discussion.

A New Look at the RCIA: Journey for the Entire Parish - An article by Rita Burns Senseman in Catholic Update May©2002
Not long ago our U.S. bishops took a closer look at how well the RCIA is working in our local parishes. The results of the bishops’ study on the RCIA were published in October 2000 in a report entitled Journey to the Fullness of Life. The bishops found that in some parishes the RCIA is working very well, yet in other parishes it doesn’t even exist. Nonetheless, the bishops say that the RCIA is “renewing the life of the Church in the United States” and that it must continue to be a priority in our parishes.

The Beginning Catholic's Guide to the Roman Catholic Church

This is the personal Web site of Mike Stapp who became a Catholic in 1999 and is now a catechist. His site offers information on the Catholic faith, on sacraments, on prayer, on how to study the Bible, on morality...

For Other resources on the RCIA process, please consult previous postings on this blog:

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And also my listing of links at RCIA - Resources for Catholic Educators

Addendum to my previous post - RCIA part II : The documents posted on the RCIA process on the Web site of the Diocese of Winona are copyrighted. These documents were produced by ICEL (International Commission on English in the Liturgy). Please read their copyright policy if you intend using them for purposes other than personal study. Thank you to Nick Wagner of Team RCIA for graciously pointing out to me my oversight in making this clear in my post.

For other resources for RCIA:

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