Sunday, August 10, 2008

Radiant Light website

The Radiant Light Web site presents twenty exhibitions of paintings by Elizabeth Wang. Each painting has a title and commentary written by the artist, and some also have a quotation from the Bible. Some of these can be downloaded and used freely "for use all around the world for non-commercial use such as evangelisation and catechesis". Presently, there are 30 images available for free download, but a re-launch of the Web site is planned soon and approximately 600 images will then be made available for free download. Others can be purchased in large poster format.

Image top left: Illustration by Elizabeth Wang, ‘The uniquely powerful prayer of Jesus in the Mass reaches through the roof and unites us with the worship of Heaven’, copyright © Radiant Light 2008,

Mgr. Keith Barltrop
, Director, Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation (CASE), UK wrote the following about Elizabeth Wang and Radiant Light, the movement she founded,

It has often been said that the difficulty modern people have with faith is not so much about the arguments for or against it, but with the difficulty of imagining God's presence in our highly secularised world. The work of Radiant Light is a perfect answer to that problem. Elizabeth Wang's art helps us make "the longest journey", from head to heart, by picturing what this presence might be like in a variety of situations. Radiant Light thus continues the great tradition of the Church from earliest days in using contemporary art to instruct us about God's truth and attract us to his beauty, leading us on to heartfelt adoration and to awareness of his being with us and all people from moment to moment.

In addition to the picture galleries, the Web site contains a selection of writings and meditations by Elizabeth Wang. There is also a section for teachers and catechists who wish to use Radiant Light artwork in their classroom with a lesson plan and suggestions of activities.

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