Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aggie Catholics: Lent 2009

Aggie Catholics is St. Mary's Catholic Center's (at Texas A&M) pastoral team's blog. A recent posting is a FAQ on Lent and provides brief answers to the following questions:

What is Lent?
Why aren't Sundays part of Lent?
Why forty days and not some other number?
what is Ash Wednesday all about?
why are the ashes made into a cross on the forehead?
Where do we get the ashes?
Who can receive ashes?
Is Ash Wed a holy day of Obligation?
Do we have to fast and abstain from meat on Ash Wed?
Why fast?
Why is fish not considered meat?
what are the other days of fast and abstinence?
why do people "give up" things during Lent?
What else then IS required during Lent?

There are also suggestions of things to do during Lent and links to other resources on lent.

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