Friday, November 12, 2010

Bible Story - Amazing Catechists

Amazing Catechist, founded by Lisa Mladinich,  is  "a community of faithful Catholics ready to share with you and hoping to learn from you." The site features many venues for sharing: a "tips and insights" section to share ideas; forums as sharing platforms; "galleries" where you can post "your digital photos, videos, audio files and artwork related to teaching the Faith"; an "Events" bulletin board; a section simply called "More Goodies" for various other shared resources including a retelling of several New Testament stories. Also of note on this site is the Columnist section that includes articles on a variety of topics to catechists and teachers of the faith: family culture, confirmation, special needs, theology of the body, RCIA, catechist training, high school, home education, middle school, and so on.  This Web site is an interesting and innovative project that is well worth a visit.

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