Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Advent Coloring Pages – Prayer for Teachers – Models of the Church

Over 1400 articles have been posted on the Catholic Faith Education Blog since its creation in September of 2005. More than 50 of these articles have attracted one thousand or more readers. I thought I would revisit some of the resources that were highlighted in these articles in a series of posts in the upcoming weeks.
Three articles topped 10,000 visitors and should be mentioned first:

 1. Advent Coloring Pages was extremely popular, in fact so popular that I decided to provide additional resources on Advent and Christmas coloring pages in one of my other Website: Nativity Coloring Pages. That page has also been extremely popular and offers links to a large number of coloring sheets for the season.

2. A prayer for Teachers was an even more popular article. It refers to a beautiful document with scripture verses and prayers than can be used as for a prayer service at the beginning of the school year, at the start of a semester, or at any other time. . Other posts on prayer have also been fairly well received:
Prayer Before Class;
Back to School Prayers;
 End of Year Prayer Services;
In Celebration Earth Day – Prayer Service;Meditation with Children;
Children Learn to Pray;
Prayer Forms;
Apostolship of Prayer – Reflections for Children;
Stations of the Cross
3. Models of the Church also drew a large number of visitors. This post provides links to a number of resources related to Avery Dulles and his work in which he examines 5 differing perceptions of the nature of the Catholics Church and activities and lesson plans to help reflect on the implications of these varying perceptions.  

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